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Just starting out?   This is the right place.   We are Sydney's original and best pottery school dedicated to affordable wheel-throwing skills.
At The Pottery Shed you can master wheel-thrown pottery in classes, sessions and workshops. To get started, look at The Basic Course to turn real clay into usable ceramic art.

BEST DEAL! 6-Pack Special: Buy the full Basic Course with 3 classes and 3 Practice Sessions pay only $299 (12 hours of pottery), saving $49 off of the casual booking price. Schedule each class and each practice session according to your schedule. Sold as a Voucher Pack to be used within 12 months. use the Gift Certificate Order Form below.

BOOK NOW, Classes, Sessions & Workshops are available daily.

  1. CLASSES - The Basic Course classes are $69 (this includes clay, glaze and firing). Classes can be taken in any order and are available everyday, AM and PM and can be taken to suit your schedule.
  2. PRACTICE SESSIONS are independent studio time. Booked either as a Wheel Reservation or as a Bench Reservation. All bookings include clay, glaze and firing.
    • Wheel Booking $49. Reserves a wheel for the two hours. Work from a bench when available. Book with a credit card or voucher
    • Bench Booking (coming soon). Reserves a workbench for two hours. Unreserved wheels available to first-come first serve for 30 minute intervals.
  3. WORKSHOPS are instructor guided Sessions teaching new skills or reiterating the basic skills.
    • Weekend workshops for practiced students are offered Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm.
  4. PRIVATE LESSONS 2.5 hour class. One single student or one couple per instructor. Please write to admin@thepotteryshed.com.au to arrange a class.
    • SOLO CLASS: $180
    • COUPLE'S CLASS: $250
  5. MEMBERSHIP AVAILABLE SOON! Weekly subscriptions offer twice the studio time at the same price and is a great value. Does not include Class or Workshop bookings. Please write to admin@thepotteryshed.com.au to find out more and arrange a subscription.
    • 2 Session (4 hours) Weekly Subscription. All clays, glazes and firing included. $49/wk
    • 3 Session (6 hours) Weekly Subscription. All clays, glazes and firing included. $69/wk
    • Unlimited Bench (No Booking Required) Weekly Subscription. All clays, glazes and firing included. $129/wk


The Pottery Shed was conceived in 2010 and established by American pottery teacher Joe Darling. The studio and the classes are beautifully organised to achieve the best success. It is always open so please drop in to look at it yourself.

We have training levels to suit raw beginners and intermediate levels. We use white earthenware and raku clay for the lowest energy footprint possible and the brightest colors available. For the beginner we offer an excellent course in 3 classes and a special discounted 6-Pack of 3 classes and 3 practice sessions.

Over the two hours, each class divided similarly with an introduction, a demonstration. Then hands-on with the clay and taking it step-by-step. The instructors will explain the purpose and principals behind the lesson. Use as much clay as you need to understand the task. You may try and fail a few times, but with some concentration and luck, you'll have learned the basic. The clay from failed attempts or from the those made just for practice is completely recycled at the studio and used again.

Regardless of the outcome from any class, everyone may progress to the next with pre-made forms provided. Project storage is provided.

The trimming class is your second to be followed up as soon as possible, or within 4 weeks. This second class teaches a new set of tools and techniques to trim excess leather-hard clay to form a foot, join, shape and decorate the project. Your project will then be cured, fired and made ready for glazing. This process will take up to 14 days, you'll be emailed as soon as your project is ready.

The Glazing class is where you get to paint-on glaze to decorate your project and prepare it for its final firing. Within 14 days it becomes a functional piece that you can use and enjoy. You'll be email alerted when it's ready for pick up. We have food-safe and brilliantly coloured glazes and underglazes from Blackwattle, Cesco, Walker and Northcote.

It's smart to book all three classes at the same time or 10 days early. Spread the classes out 14 days apart and use practice sessions between to improve. Last-minute booking attempts are often disappointing.

Classes are instructor guided and include an intro, demo and step-by-step walk-through for each basic skills class: Throwing, Trimming and Glazing.
Sessions are independent practice time at any level to improve all skills. Instructors may not be available so classes can be reviewed.
Workshops are instructor guided practice time designed for new potters learning intermediate skills after at least 5-10 practice sessions.

After your beginner 3-class course, or as practice between classes, students are welcome to continue developing their skills and confidence through sessions as a Returning Student at a discounted rate. These sessions are 2-hour bookings that offer students the opportunity to come in and use The Shed’s space and materials to practice their creative skills independently.

The Pottery Shed's booking system is fully automated and self-managed online. From the moment you book your session it’ll be confirmed, updated and connected via email and SMS. This way, you can manage your bookings and monitor your projects from home to gain the full experience.

The first 3 classes are $69 each. Returning Student sessions are $49, or even less with our weekly membership. Everything is included in the cost of a class or session. We provide materials, training, earthenware clay, equipment and on site firing.

The Pottery Shed is located in a beautiful rustic warehouse at 7 Nickson Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, along the Moore Park side of Surry Hills, near Bourke Street Bakery.

The Shed is open Monday through Sunday with AM and PM classes available on a rotating weekly calendar. To book your first pottery class, see above in the BOOK A CLASS section of this site.

Please remember that comfortable pants are needed to sit close up to the wheel. Long hair should be tied back, fingernails trimmed and don’t wear hand jewellery.

Further enquiries please use the contact form below.


Give a beautiful gift of pottery skills with our single class or multi-pack gift certificates. These are valid for 12 months. The Recipient will be able to choose when their specific class event will be.

  1. Single Class Gift: $69
  2. 4-Pack Gift: $229
  3. 6-Pack Gift: $299

Gift Certificate Order Form

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7 Nickson Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Book Online: www.thepotteryshed.com.au

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Improving a person's crafting skill improves their attention to detail, confidence and performance. Hand-crafting clay is a pure and honest experience that plays a role in personal development.

The Pottery Shed offers team building events, private parties and weekly clay workshops at volume discounts. For any group session, we offer a range of workshops that teach wheel throwing, slab rolling or a Japanese style clay carving. Groups of up to 36 can be accommodated.

The Pottery Shed is located 12 minute walk from Central Station. 7 Nickson Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. Along the Moore Park side of Surry Hills, near Bourke Street Bakery. 12 week pre-booking recommended.

  1. Minimum group size is 12, max 36
  2. Classes include all materials, lessons and equipment.
  3. We use genuine clay that requires several steps of firing and glazing to become usable art.
  4. Participants can continue their craft individually learning these steps, or
  5. Projects can be professionally finished for nominal fee.
  6. Collection of completed pottery will be available 4-6 weeks.

Please use the contact form below for queries and bookings.

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Drop By. All Welcome.

The Pottery Shed
7 Nickson St
Surry Hills
NSW 2010

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